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Q. What is equality in JavaScript ?

JavaScript has both strict and type–converting comparisons:

  • Strict comparison (e.g., ===) checks for value equality without allowing coercion
  • Abstract comparison (e.g. ==) checks for value equality with coercion allowed
var a = "42";
var b = 42;

a == b;			// true
a === b;		// false

Some simple equality rules:

  • If either value (aka side) in comparison could be the true or false value, avoid == and use ===.
  • If either value in comparison could be of these specific values (0"", or [] — empty array), avoid == and use ===.
  • In all other cases, you’re safe to use ==. Not only is it safe, but in many cases, it simplifies your code in a way that improves readability.
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