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Q. What is the object type?

The object type refers to a compound value where you can set properties (named locations) that each hold their own values of any type.

var obj = {
	a: "hello world", // property
	b: 42,
	c: true

obj.a;		// "hello world", accessed with doted notation
obj.b;		// 42
obj.c;		// true

obj["a"];	// "hello world", accessed with bracket notation
obj["b"];	// 42
obj["c"];	// true

Bracket notation is also useful if you want to access a property/key but the name is stored in another variable, such as:

var obj = {
	a: "hello world",
	b: 42

var b = "a";

obj[b];			// "hello world"
obj["b"];		// 42
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